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Wetting Agent

Apex Chem has formulated a highly effective wetting agent (WETMAX 041) which modifies the absorption of the resin by the paper via reducing the surface tension. Therefore, it reduces the amount of resin usage. It is a low foaming nonionic surfactant which can be used in both impregnation baths.

Release Agent

Apex Chem Release Agent (RELEASEMATE 105) is a water-base release agent with low foam tendencies suitable for all type of formaldehyde base resins. RELEASEMATE 105 is free from alkylated phenol compounds and used for high pressure and low pressure impregnation. It keeps clean the plate and shows positive effect on surface transparency and glossy.


Apex Chem MF Hardener (MBOUND 071) is a latent catalyst with long pot-life and high curing activity for melamine formaldehyde resin. This hardener does not make spots or fish eye on impregnated paper and it makes fast press times.

Anti Dust

Apex Chem Anti Dust (DUSTFREE 310) is a strong water-based emulsion which is suitable for all types of paper with 100% active ingredients. It can effectively make the paper smooth and improve the surface gloss of the finished melamine board face. Dust formation is strongly reduced.


Apex Chem defoamer (DEFOAMEX 610) is developed for water-based systems and can control the foam formation in MF, UF or mixed resin systems. It does not contain any aggressive chemicals and have no side effects in impregnation paper process.

Anti Block

Apex Chem Anti Block (BLOCKFORCE 102) is a water-based additive which prevents laminated paper products from sticking together due to the humidity. it does not change the chemical and physical properties of the resin and it can be used in both baths.